About accredited degrees

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IBMS accredited degree programmes are assessed by professional and academic experts to ensure high standards of teaching, facilities and course content.

To achieve IBMS accreditation a biomedical science degree programme must be:

  • relevant to current professional practice
  • informed by the latest advances in research, and
  • anticipate future developments in the scientific field 

IBMS accreditation ensures students receive a wide-ranging, research informed scientific education and develop practical skills and experience that employers value.   


Undergraduate degree programmes

An IBMS accredited degree delivers a diverse study programme and extensive experience of analytical techniques that prepares graduates for employment in a wide range of laboratory based roles.

An IBMS accredited degree will equip you with the knowledge and skills that will give you the best possible start for your career.  

There are three types of IBMS accredited undergraduate degree programme:

accredited degrees

IBMS accredited degree

Students choosing an IBMS accredited degree programme will need to arrange a laboratory placement and undertake an IBMS Registration Training Portfolio once they have completed their degree.  

IBMS accredited Sandwich degree programme

Students choosing an IBMS accredited Sandwich degree programme will be able to undertake a laboratory placement during their degree.

IBMS accredited Integrated degree programme  

Students choosing an IBMS accredited Integrated degree programme will be able to complete an IBMS Registration Training Portfolio during their laboratory placement. On completing their degree students on an IBMS accredited Integrated degree programme will be awarded an IBMS Certificate of Competence and will be able to apply for HCPC registration as a biomedical scientist.  

Postgraduate degree programmes

IBMS accreditation assures students and employers that the learning outcomes of an IBMS accredited postgraduate degree courses meet or exceed the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education's (QAA) qualification descriptors for a higher education qualification at Masters level (level 7).

An IBMS accredited postgraduate degree does not count towards the academic requirements for HCPC registration but does meet the requirements for registration with the Science Council as a Chartered Scientist (CSci).

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Find out if your degree is IBMS accredited

Look out for the IBMS accredited logo on university websites and prospectuses.

You can also find a full list of IBMS accredited degree courses here