Choosing an accredited degree

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Choosing an IBMS accredited degree will equip you with the knowledge and skills that will give you the best possible start to your career.

An IBMS accredited degree delivers the diverse study programme and extensive experience of analytical techniques that prepares graduates to seek employment in a wide range of laboratory based roles. 

IBMS accredited degrees are designed to give you tailored academic biomedical knowledge and basic practical skills. Honours degree courses are usually full-time and some have an integrated placement in a laboratory that enables you to apply academic theory from your programme to the development of professional practice skills.

Part-time options are also available allowing you to combine your studies with other commitments. For example, working as a trainee in a hospital laboratory four days a week with one day a week studying at university.

Other graduates with science degrees containing the principle core subjects may have qualifications that are partially suitable but will need to supplement their degrees with additional modules that are an integral part of accredited biomedical science degree courses.