Becoming a biomedical scientist

Did you know 3

The quickest route to allowing eligibility to register as a Biomedical Scientist is to complete a degree with an integrated placement that allows completion of the IBMS Registration Training Portfolio. 

Graduates with an IBMS accredited degree, which includes a placement year where you complete an IBMS Registration Training Portfolio, can apply to the HCPC to be registered on graduation.

Graduates who have completed an IBMS accredited degree without a laboratory placement will need to complete an IBMS Registration Portfolio in an approved laboratory once they graduate.

Once you have completed the Registration Training Portfolio you are eligible to apply to the HCPC to be registered. 

If your degree is not accredited by the IBMS, your degree can be assessed and any educational shortfall can be identified. You may need to take additional modules on an IBMS accredited degree.

Once you are HCPC registered you can start your career as a biomedical scientist.

To find more information about HCPC registration visit the HCPC information on our main website