Why choose biomedical science?

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Why choose biomedical science?

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Biomedical science is one of the broadest areas of modern science and underpins much of modern medicine - from determining the blood requirements of critically ill patients to identifying outbreaks of infectious diseases to monitoring biomarkers in cancer.  

Biomedical scientists are at the heart of multi-disciplinary teams in healthcare. They provide other professionals with vital scientific information, allowing them to make informed clinical decisions, ensure blood stocks are adequate at critical times, matching blood to patients, measuring chemicals to monitor patient condition, investigating disease by looking at tumour samples and identifying micro-organisms in the fight against infection. 


You'll enjoy being a biomedical scientist if: 
  • you're interested in science and technology
  • you enjoy practical, hands-on work
  • you're curious, organised and have an eye for details
  • you're self-motivated and have good communication skills 
  • you want to make a difference