Why choose an accredited degree?

Dr Stephen Fôn Hughes

“Undertaking an IBMS accredited degree programme provides a curriculum that meets professional standards, preparing our graduates to work in modern healthcare, the pharmaceutical and diagnostics industry, as well as various career pathways in the biomedical sciences.”


Lauren McNeill


"My IBMS accredited degree and masters gave me up-to-date practical skills, knowledge and research experience to give me a lot of different options in my career path. They successfully prepared me and made me a desirable candidate for a funded PhD".



“The depth and breadth of content within the IBMS accredited BSc (Hons) in Biomedical Science not only facilitated my training within an NHS pathology department, it provided an excellent foundation for postgraduate study.  Now, having completed a PhD in neuroscience, I have made the transition to academia where I lecture on the same degree programme and have become a fellow of the IBMS.

I firmly believe the delivery of scientific theory, underpinned with multi-disciplinary clinical practice presents an optimal combination of knowledge, understanding and skills that are highly regarded within and outside of the biomedical profession.”


James Cooper“I have always been fascinated by science, particularly when studying Biology at A level and knew I would choose a related degree. However, I did not wish to confine myself to a specific career path at such an early stage and searched for a degree which offered diverse career options. Upon discovering the IBMS accredited Biomedical Science BSc at De Montfort University, I decided to visit an open day and was inspired by the friendly and communitive atmosphere from all academics on the course. This degree is regarded highly when viewed by prospective employers and universities alike.

I love the practical aspect of the degree as this reinforces theory from lectures through hands-on laboratory experience. I take great satisfaction from becoming proficient in conducting experiments independently and having the opportunity to work with and contribute towards an international research group, a skill I found daunting prior to attending university. Biomedical Science offers a diverse range of career paths, for example, working in the NHS, developing techniques in industry or conducting further research.”

Patricia“I chose a career in biomedical science firstly due to a natural interest and aptitude for the science subjects at school, my university accredited biomedical science degree helped to consolidate my interest in the biological sciences and my desire to work towards a career as a biomedical scientist.”




"I chose a career in Biomedical Science because I was interested in learning how diseases work so that I could diagnose and treat them. An IBMS accredited degree allowed me to become a HCPC registered Biomedical Scientist, where I carried out a range of diagnostic tests for various diseases such as cancers, infections and allergies."