What will I study?

An IBMS accredited degree course


  • Will enable you to gain experience of the full range of analytical and interpretive tools that are central to the understanding and investigation of human disease.
  • Covers the molecular, cellular and systematic basis of disease and the application of scientific principles and techniques to its investigation, diagnosis and treatment.
  • Is structured around core subjects and additional modules to ensure students gain a broad understanding of biomedical science, along with the opportunity to achieve an advanced knowledge of their chosen specialist areas.
  • Gives students the opportunity to undertake a final year research project – enabling you to develop research skills and contribute to advances in the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of disease.


Did you know 5

Degree placements

A number of IBMS accredited BSc Honours degrees give students the opportunity to undertake a placement in an IBMS approved NHS laboratory, research or industrial laboratory.

For more information visit our Undergraduate placements page