Meet Iggy Mason - UWE's Affiliate Society President

Thinking of setting up an IBMS affiliate society? We had a chat with Ignatius Mason, Biomedical Science student, IBMS eStudent, President of the UWE Biomedical Science Student. He is currently on placement completing his registration portfolio with the Cellular Pathology Department at University Hospital Southampton.


What is your favourite thing about biomedical science?
Iggy MasonSo far, I have really enjoyed the fact that it is such a broad subject, it provides a variety of topics which I think is important to make decisions on your speciality and the transferrable skills you gain from biomedical science can also help you with different industries if you decide that the laboratory or science isn’t for you. Your attention to detail, communication, research and teamwork skills learned within the lab will make you an asset to any organisation so your job prospects are improved after university. My current favourite area is Cellular Pathology just because of all the interesting cases that come through, there is something new every day!

What do you hope to do once you graduate?

I’m hoping to get a place on the coveted scientist training program but from what I’ve seen, competition seems to be really high for it so if that doesn’t go to plan, I will probably do a masters and try again the following year.

How has IBMS benefitted you/what do you value most from being an eStudent member?

The IBMS has supported me and the society a lot in the past year. I got the opportunity to write about my generation for The Biomedical Scientist recently which was a really good experience along with discounts, free entry to congress and the free promotional material they provide to the society for events! As well as this, they have provided opportunities to network with professionals currently in the healthcare sector and arranging external speakers for the university.

How did IBMS help you set up UWE Biomedical Science Society student society?

The IBMS has been really prompt with responses and were clear on what criteria was required for us to be affiliated. After we were affiliated, we were sent lots of freebies and were given help with finding an external speaker.

What has UWE Biomedical Science Society been up to in its first year?

Due to Covid-19, we have not been able to accomplish everything we wanted to within the year; we've had to postpone our external speaker event (which we are now going to host online.) A few highlights were the social events like the pub quiz and winning the ‘Destined to Succeed’ award at the society awards! We also came runner up for best new society and became one of the largest societies at the university all in the first Succeed’ award at the society awards! We also came runner up for best new society and became one of the largest societies at the university all in the first year.

What would you recommend to anyone looking to set up a new biomedical science society?

Look for interest from your course, is there a gap for a society that focuses on IBMS and being a biomedical scientist? If so, I would recommend starting one up! I think that a lot of people still are not aware of career options and requirements such as the registration portfolio. Networking is important, speak to your local trusts to see if you can get students on placement, feel free to contact me! We are always looking to network with other societies and are trying to form a centralised body for networking and social events!