Top-up modules

Non-accredited degrees

top ups

Degree assessments

The outcome of IBMS degree assessments will determine the subject areas you need to cover in order to meet the requirements for HCPC registration. This is referred to as “supplementary education” and must be covered by completing top-up modules at an accredited university.

Once you have received the outcome of your degree assessment, you may approach any of the accredited university course contacts to enquire about top-up modules which will cover all subject areas identified by the IBMS as being required.

Please note
Your chosen accredited university course must see the IBMS degree assessment outcome as this will form the basis of their advice.


Trainee positions

At this stage, you can also search for a trainee position in a laboratory to commence the IBMS Registration Training portfolio with an approved laboratory. Once you are in a trainee position, your training officer will have to include a copy of your degree assessment outcome letter with the application for the Registration Training Portfolio.

The completion of all required top-up modules (and therefore the meeting of the academic standards for registration) along with the completion of the Registration Training Portfolio will lead to the award of the IBMS Certificate of Competence, which confirms that the recipient is eligible to apply to the HCPC to register as a biomedical scientist.