Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Biomedical Scientist?

Graduates with an IBMS accredited degree, which includes a placement year where you complete an IBMS Registration Training Portfolio, can apply to the HCPC to be registered on graduation. For more information, visit our HCPC registration page


How do I find a training position after I graduate?

Despite an increasing number of laboratories are approved to provide training, training positions are highly competitive. The IBMS advise graduates from accredited degree programmes to search the NHS Jobs website for suitable pre-registration roles, such as Medical Laboratory Assistant or Laboratory Technician.

Whilst searching for a training position, the IBMS encourage candidates to ask the employer whether the laboratory is approved for training and whether there is an opportunity for completion of the Registration Training Portfolio as part of the job role.


Do you have a list of laboratories I can complete my training in?

For data protection reasons the IBMS is unable to publish a list of approved training laboratories. You will have to contact laboratories to ask whether they offer training. 


How long will my training take?

The Registration Training Portfolio usually takes between eight and eighteen months to complete. Duration varies depending on laboratory training procedures.

All portfolio evidence should be sourced whilst based in an approved training laboratory.


How long does the verification of my Registration Training Portfolio take?

It takes between zero and twelve weeks for the Education Department to assign a verifier after the laboratory submits an application to have your portfolio verified. The length of time depends on the availability of IBMS external verifiers, who work on a volunteer basis. However, the IBMS will endeavour to accommodate candidates in exceptional circumstances.  The verification visit itself is expected to take between two and three hours.


I have completed my Registration Training Portfolio in my old role, but now I work at another hospital. How do I get my portfolio verified?

A training officer in a training laboratory should sign off all sections of the portfolio book, and this should be relevant to the laboratory in which your verification takes place. Therefore, the IBMS recommends arranging verification through your previous laboratory, where possible. 

Please note 
Your new laboratory must hold the necessary IBMS training approval status in order for you to continue training.


I have completed an accredited sandwich degree and the IBMS Registration Training Portfolio. How can I register with the HCPC as a biomedical scientist?

Please send a copy of your degree certificate, final transcript or official letter of degree completion to our Education Department at The IBMS will then issue you with a Certificate of Competence and pass your details on to the HCPC. You will then be required to complete an application form for HCPC registration, which is available on the HCPC website.