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Accredited Course - Honours

2 December 2022 493kb PDF

Accredited Course - Honours

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IBMS Accredited universities offering top-up courses

10 May 2023 147kb PDF

IBMS Accredited universities offering top-up courses

Accredited Course - Higher

2 December 2022 253kb PDF

Accredited Course - Higher

Soap and Pepper

16 March 2020 6900kb PDF

This activity introduces small children to the idea that
soap gets rid of germs and viruses and that it is important
to wash your hands.

IBMS Accredited Postgraduate Degree Courses

9 March 2020 262kb PDF

IBMS Accredited Postgraduate Degree Courses, updated 22 March 2021

DNA Beads

12 September 2019 1844kb JPG

DNA Beads activity

DNA Extraction

12 September 2019 1608kb JPG

DNA Extraction activity

Blood Components

3 September 2019 5484kb PDF

blood components activity

Blood Grouping

3 September 2019 2776kb PDF

Blood grouping activity

Centrifugal Force

3 September 2019 2046kb JPG

Centrifugal Force Document

Magnetic Cereal

3 September 2019 1772kb JPG

magnetic cereal activity

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